Change Management

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Course Overview

An organisation’s ability to be agile, react to its environment and change is vital to its survival. However, in order for change initiatives to be successfully implemented, key individuals throughout the organisation need to support and promote the change. This is where the role of line managers becomes crucial in ensuring that their team members are aware of the change and are appropriately supported to embrace the change.

This course is aimed at developing awareness and applied understanding in line managers regarding the importance of their role during times of change. This includes providing an overview of what change management is, how individuals might react to change and how they can best support their team to ensure the change initiative is successfully implemented.

Key Content

• Types of change;
• Resistance to change and the change curve;
• The role of the manager;
• Liaising with senior management and team members during times of change;
• Communicating the change;
• Advocating for the change;
• Coaching team members through the change;
• Managing resistance.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this course, learners should be able to:

• Discuss change in the workplace and how it should be managed;
• Identify the various reactions that individuals may have to change;
• Explain the aspects of their role during change initiatives.