Designing and Delivering Presentations

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Course Overview

Presentations can be a powerful method of transferring and releasing information. However, for a presentation to be successful, it needs to be thoroughly prepared and confidently delivered.

This course has therefore been developed to inform the learner of how to successfully design and deliver a presentation. It will also touch on how to evaluate a presentation so that the presenter can improve future presentations.

Key Content

• Planning for a presentation;
• Identifying presentation outcomes;
• Planning the presentation according to audience characteristics;
• Collecting ideas and researching;
• Structuring the presentation;
• Using presentation aids and materials;
• Enhancing the presentation;
• Proofreading and rehearsing the presentation;
• Using scripts, notes and cue cards;
• Delivering the presentation;
• Dealing with nerves;
• Using voice, body language, gestures and facial expressions to engage the audience;
• Adjusting the presentation to suit the audience;
• Follow up questions and discussions;
• Evaluating the presentation.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this course, learners should be able to:

• Discuss the key steps they should undertake when preparing for a presentation;
• Discuss the strategies they should use while delivering their presentation to engage the audience;
• Explain how and why they should conduct a discussion with the audience following the presentation;
• Explain how and why they should evaluate a presentation.