Discrimination and EEO (NZ)

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Course Outline

Every staff member plays a significant role in ensuring the achievement of a workplace that is free of all forms discrimination.


This course will introduce learners to their workplace rights and responsibilities in respect to Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), expected workplace behaviours and identifying and responding to breaches of legislation and workplace policies.



Key Content
• EEO legislative framework;
• Principles of EEO;
• Management and staff responsibilities;
• Definition of ‘discrimination’ and ‘unlawful discrimination’;
• Age discrimination;
• Racial and religious discrimination;
• Sex discrimination;
• Disability discrimination;
• Victimisation;
• Reporting incidents of discrimination;
• Grievance management procedures;
• Consequences of breaching legislation and workplace policies.



Learning Outcomes
At the completion of this course, learners should be able to:
• Define EEO;
• Explain the nature and scope of EEO rights and responsibilities of organisations and staff;
• Explain how such behaviours are contrary to relevant New Zealand laws and workplace policies and the consequences of breaches;
• List the groups of individuals who are more likely to experience discrimination;
• Understand what to do if they experience or witness an incident of discrimination.