Finance for Non-Financial Professionals

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Course Overview
Financial terminology, processes and reports can be difficult to understand if you do not have a financial background. However, if you are accountable for monitoring the financial performance of your department or managing a budget, you must be finance savvy.


This course has therefore been developed to help learners understand the main financial procedures and reports that organisations use.


Key Content
• How funds come into the organisation;
• Why financial transactions and activities must be recorded and reported on;
• The accounting process;
• Source documents;
• Journals;
• The general ledger;
• The chart of accounts;
• Credits and debits in the general ledger;
• The trial balance;
• Financial reports, including the:

  • Balance sheet;
  • Profit and loss statement;
  • Cash flow statement;
  • Evaluating financial reports.


Learning Outcomes
At the completion of this course, learners should be able to:

• Identify why the organisation records and reports on their financial activities;
• Discuss the accounting procedures that are used to record and report on the organisation’s financial transactions and activities;
• Define key financial terms;
• Identify the purpose and key aspects of various financial reports.