Hazardous Substances (NZ)

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Course Overview

There are many different types of hazards found in the workplace, especially when working with hazardous substances. Unfamiliarity and lack of knowledge of a certain substance's properties can lead to potentially dangerous situations, especially when misused or spilt. That is why it is vital that employees are familiar with the types of hazardous substances used in their work activities and clearly understand the associated risks.


This course will introduce the learner to the key requirements for handling, storing and disposing of hazardous substances in the workplace, and will also cover the appropriate emergency response procedures in the event of an incident involving hazardous substances.


Key Content

• The hazardous properties of hazardous substances;
• Effects of hazardous substances on human health, the environment and property;
• Hazard management;
• Hazardous substance labels;
• Safety data sheets;
• Storing hazardous chemicals;
• Waste management;
• Safety signage;
• Housekeeping;
• Hygiene practices;
• Personal protective equipment;
• Appropriate incident response to spills, fires and injuries.


Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this course, learners should be able to:

• Explain what hazardous substances are and how they are harmful;
• Discuss legislation related to managing hazardous substances in the workplace;
• Outline the responsibilities of the organisation, employees and managers in relation to working with hazardous substances;
• Respond appropriately to incidents involving hazardous substances.