Health and Safety Committees

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Course Overview

The Health and Safety Committee (HSC) is the ideal means to promote meaningful and effective Work Health and Safety (WHS) communication between management and workers. However, for the HSC to improve health and safety in the workplace, HSC members need to understand how to meet their responsibilities.

This course will provide the learner with information on the functions of the HSC and also offer advice on how to complete certain responsibilities. This course will also outline effective meeting practices to ensure that HSC members work together as a cohesive group to achieve organisational WHS objectives.


Key Content


• Composition of the HSC;
• Functions of the HSC;
• Rights and responsibilities of HSC members;
• Effective meeting practices, including:

  • Meeting agendas;
  • Meeting minutes;
  • Setting and achieving goals;

• Developing standards, rules and procedures;
• Workplace inspections.


Learning Outcomes


At the completion of this course, learners should be able to:

• Explain the composition and functions of the HSC;
• State their rights and responsibilities as a HSC member;
• Describe good meeting practices;
• Explain the development process for health and safety standards, rules and procedures;
• Explain their role in workplace inspections;
• Discuss the role of inspectors from WHS regulatory bodies.