Health and Safety for Retail Industry (NZ)

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Course Overview
It is the responsibility of all workers in the retail industry to comply with health and safety legislation. This requires them to understand the key health and safety issues that affect the industry and how to respond appropriately.

This course will familiarise workers with how to create and maintain a safe working environment in a retail store. It will also develop their understanding of how they should work to prevent workplace injuries and how they should respond to emergency situations, including robberies.

Key Content
• Health and safety legislation;
• Organisation and worker duties;
• Hazard and risk management;
• Types of workplace hazards, including:
o Slips, trips and falls;
o Manual tasks;
o Lifting;
o Stacking shelves;
o Stripping boxes;
o Using ladders;
o Chemical hazards;
o Electrical hazards;
o Hygiene;
o Inappropriate behaviour;
o Aggressive customers;
o Stress;
• Hazard, incident and injury reporting;
• First aid;
• Types of emergencies;
• Immediate response to emergencies;
• Handling a robbery.

Learning Outcomes
At the completion of this course, learners should be able to:
• Acknowledge their responsibilities regarding health and safety;
• Identify potential hazards in the store;
• Control hazards to minimise the risk of injuries and incidents;
• Report hazards and incidents;
• Describe how to behave in emergency situations;
• Respond and react appropriately to emergencies.