Influencing and Negotiating With Others

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Course Overview

The ability to positively influence and successfully negotiate with others can benefit employees both personally and professionally.

This course has therefore been developed to help learners understand the difference between influencing and negotiating. It will also look at how they can successfully influence and negotiate with others.

Key Content
• The definition of influencing and negotiating;
• Benefits of being able to influence and negotiate with others;
• Ways to influence others, including:
o Asking questions and listening;
o Using common language;
o Using signposting;
o Being assertive;
• The negotiation process:
1. Preparing.
2. Opening.
3. Presenting.
4. Bargaining.
5. Closing.

Learning Outcomes
At the completion of this course, learners should be able to:
• Define what influencing and negotiating are;
• Identify the benefits of being able to influence and negotiate with others;
• Discuss how to influence others;
• Describe the negotiation process.