Manual Tasks

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Course Overview
Most workers encounter manual tasks in their daily work. Often, inadequate care is taken to ensure that these tasks are carried out safely, leading to injuries caused by trauma, over exertion or repetitive loading. As a result, it is important that workers are aware of correct procedures so that the likelihood of injury is reduced.

This course defines manual tasks and identifies the injuries that can occur from manual task hazards. It aims is to raise learner awareness about the risk management process in identifying hazards, assessing risks and implementing control measures to prevent, reduce or eliminate manual task hazards in the workplace.

Key Content
• What are manual tasks?
• Common manual task injuries;
• Legislative requirements;
• Responsibilities and accountabilities;
• The risk management process;
• Safe lifting and carrying principles;
• Handling tools and equipment;
• Managing tasks that are repetitive or have a long duration;
• Correct working posture.

Learning Outcomes
At the completion of this course, learners should be able to:
• Define what a manual task is;
• Identify types of manual task injuries;
• Describe the risk management process;
• Identify hazardous manual tasks and implement relevant risk management procedures.