Performance Management for Employees

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Course Overview

Performance management is a vital part of an employee’s career and employment.


This course therefore aims to familiarise employees with the various components of performance management including having formal and informal performance discussions, setting and achieving goals, competencies and development objectives and assessing performance.


Key Content

• Definition of performance management;
• Performance management activities;
• Benefits of performance management;
• Manager and employee responsibilities;
• The performance management cycle;
• Performance appraisal phases:

  • Planning;
  • In Progress;
  • Finalise;

• Setting goals, competencies and development objectives;
• Action plans;
• Rating performance.


Learning Outcomes


At the completion of this course, learners should be able to:


• Explain what performance management is;
• Identify the benefits of performance management;
• Recognise their responsibilities and those of their Manager in relation to performance management;
• Discuss and participate in performance management activities.