Stress Management for Managers (NZ)

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Course Overview

Work-related stress is a growing problem around the world that affects the health and wellbeing of workers and the productivity of organisations. The indirect costs to people suffering from work-related stress, and their families and colleagues, make it clear that work-related stress needs to be addressed.

This course has been developed for managers and aims to increase their understanding of how to identify work-related stress and reduce its impact on those in the workplace.

Key Content

• What is work-related stress?
• Effects of work-related stress;
• Work related stress and the law;
• Benefits of preventing and minimising stress;
• Common work-related stress hazards;
• The risk management process;
• Primary, secondary and tertiary interventions for preventing and minimising stress.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this course, learners should be able to:

• Define work-related stress;
• Understand the effects of stress on workers and our organisation;
• Explain their legal obligations for preventing and minimising the psychological and physical health risks related to stress;
• Apply a risk management approach to identifying and managing work-related stress.