Writing Effective Business Cases

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Course Overview
Innovative organisations encourage their staff to come up with ideas and plans to solve business issues. However, to implement these ideas and plans, employees need to know how to write effective business cases.
This course has therefore been developed to give learners an overview of how to write business cases and provide them with tips on how to make their business cases convincing.

Key Content
• Explanation of what a business case is;
• What to do when preparing to write a business case;
• The contents of a business case, including the:
o Executive summary;
o Business issue and options to address it;
o Cost-benefit analysis;
o Recommendation;
o Appendix;
• What to do before presenting a business case.

Learning Outcomes
At the completion of this course, learners should be able to:
• Explain what a business case is;
• Describe what they should do when preparing to write a business case;
• Discuss what information to include in each section of a business case;
• Recognise what they should do before presenting their business case.